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Building Social Network with Drupal 7
You are asking for my network, it is just simple, only for our caste people as Ive made it. I bought the domain on my caste name so decided to do social network instead of matrimony site.
7 modules can build a good social network site.
1. organic Groups click here
I will describe more modules and their utilizes, do you know anything about Drupal?
I've never used it, but I've heard of it. It is free?
Yeah Drupal is free CMS and perfect for building large sites, works better than any other CMS.
Cool! When will you be opening it?
Sounds interesting, when you plan to open to public?
Brad Wrote:Sounds interesting, when you plan to open to public?

It's already open and you in the Matrix hehehe
Yep, the site already has opened and has been running, but not yet fully developed.
Can you provide a link for testing? I'd love to check it out!
yep, but planning to move it into boonex dolphin cms, since it built in even dating site.
I will private message to you my site.
suresh Wrote:similar to the Orkut, but this should be for kids too, since at Facebook children's would get spoil their life. Facebook has gone dangerous in India and our Govt is looking to Ban Facebook soon.

Really? Well, they cannot ban facebook as it has been more important to many publishers as well, Its a medium for business promotion now a days as well.

Making something equal to facebook or orkut again is a dream, and you cannot succeed with this even if you have a big fat team with you. Many sites tried and failed. Try to do something unique.

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