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Convince me to use Drupal
So to me, IMO, Drupal isn't worth the time to try.

I feel like WordPress can do everything it can do and then more.

So I am challenging you to convince me why I should use Drupal vs. something like WordPress Smile

What makes it better? In your own opinion?!
Some important things which I know
1. more security than WordPress
2. Plugins built with tight security unless WordPress have more duplicate plugins
3. Drupal is hard to understand and hard to hack.
4. Drupal can manage big database while WordPress doesn't
5. In Drupal you can make urls into any form as you like, but you can go with only seo friendly urls or number in url structure
I mean you can have multiple structure of url in Drupal
It takes lot of time to understand, but if you are looking to develop a large site, then I would recommend Drupal else go with WordPress.
Small sites also works, but we have to spend more time in understanding and the way we have to use it. In the past I had 3 of Drupal sites and converted them into another CMS because of the time that takes to understand everything like views.

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