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What phone do you own?
Beginning of this year I purchased the Moto E 2nd Gen phone and I am really enjoying it so far. It works for what I need it for and it's a great little phone. Prior to me upgrading to that phone I had a Nokia Lumia 530 and as much as it was a good phone I started having a lot of problems with it.

What phone do you currently own?
I currently own iPhone 8 64GB and i am really happy with the choice i made. I will use it for another 2 years before doing an upgrade.
I own Intex Android as it is more cheaper than Samsung, but slower to compared it. Now I got Redmi which is faster than my all old phones.
I have the Samsung Galaxy S8+. It's been a good phone so far. I have no complaints about it.

Everyone I know laughs about how big the screen is on it.
[Image: QcFheSUsxABPZZtgLcjx.png]  [Image: firesi10.png]
iPhone 11 max pro - It wasn't cheap but the camera alone is why I wanted it and folks, that camera is better than my $1,000.00 point and shoot camera! I also got the newest iwatch but I'm not so bought on it yet.
I am using Samsung Galaxy j 5 as this was somewhere at around 10k, but the camera and its performance is excellence. I am not going to spend some more money for buying a latest model since the manufacturers are releasing in no time.
My current phone is an Alcatel Raven. It's not a high quality phone by any means, but it's pretty sturdy and it works well enough for me.
I have Iphone 6 and it is good for me using old applications and I am satisfied with it since I can't afford to buy a new one. I already lost one android during my traveling and never ever interested to carry a new one while on trip.

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