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What's your favorite sport?
123rak Wrote:do u know who is "rock"

Rahul Dravid,

But for WWF Perhaps yes "a Heck"
huff i think u dont know anything abt WWE. "rock"is the name of wrestler in WWE. he was champ there now he is doin movies u can see his movies mumies returns, welcome to the jungle and walking tall.
let me tell u few names of wrestler
triple h
the great khali (our won man from punjab)
kurt angle

the have unusual names in WWE

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LOL so who is your favourite player for football
suresh Wrote:LOL so who is your favourite player for football

Maradona the great:applause:
My favorite sports is watch cricket on televison better then going to stadium & i also watch wwe wrestling. Smile
I personally love to watch Tennis and Snooker, always watch these when I get the chance and at the moment Wimbledon is in full swing and I am backing Andy Murray. I also like to watch some football during the world cup and such.

Another one I like to watch which I guess you can class as a sport if WWE Wrestling, watch this every week without fail and I also watch the main events on a monthly basis.

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