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Your First Webhost
Who was your first webhost and how did you bought from them?
As per me mine ray9 web host for a free offer under paid to post. I am very well satisfied with them because the uptime and support is excellent.
I am currently using Fastwebhost and it is the first host me to host the site. There are some problems with this host, however I had satisfaction with them.
FreePGS was my first webhosting service, then their parent company LVCS. A datacenter fire occurred and I lost everything and they didn't want to give me anything good for coming back. So I went to Network Solutions and eventually Dreamhost. I've been with Dreamhost for over 10 years and am very happy with them. I use a VPS.
I heard lot of good things of Dreamhost and using VPS might be huge speed for your website. Once on a time I used Servage and other popular hosting, however not satisfied with them. I will give a try with Dreamhost or some other popular host because shared hosting sucks.

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