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Your Internet Service Provider
Who is your Internet Service provider and how long you are using? How do you feel with them whether poor service or great service?
My Internet Service provider is Airtel, but the bill is huge and am looking to switch another ISP because of no usage of more Data.
It is a Landline Broadband connection and am with the starter pack. that costs 850 INR per month.
Mine too was Airtel, but it is a limited package for mobile Internet upto 2 GB limit per day. I am enjoying a lot with this small package that helps me to carry anywhere and use faster speeds of browsing.
In the past i used jio, but later their connection became very poor that we can't get internet regularly or with speed.
Mine is local cable internet and it is low cost around 400 bucks, but most time it goes down and the speed is almost slow. I will go with beam, but my mobile internet from Airtel having greater speeds so I am satisfied for low cost.
I have Mediacom Cable. They are awful, but they're the only option around here for reasonable speeds. They are also way overpriced.

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