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bar of Advertising you only have leaving open!

E plus a bar of banner advertising executive. It is a teeny bar.
Payment minimo: 20€
Affiliated: 50%
1 point for each 40s (time of exhibition of banner)
For each indicated of level 1 - 50%
For each indicated of level 2 - 20%
[Image: client-135184.gif]
[Image: sign-network.gif]
so how many days it require to reach ? and please post your refferal link and some guide to signup as it is german program
ill try to convert it
sorry, here is my link:
is a german program but is easy to regist, you download 1 bar you only have to leave this bar open, now i have 1328 CBs (points) you cant convert to money, but i am testing... in this type of program is good have many reffers so you can win more points and more fast ! i my liking this programs, i only hope them pay!
[Image: client-135184.gif]
[Image: sign-network.gif]
brurib Wrote:i only hope them pay!


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