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why Indians are move to some other country to study?
Hi all,

Nowadays Some foreign people are come to India and Learn softwares in Wipro, Infosys.. But some young students are still love to study foreign countries..

What you feel about Indian education system? MY opinion is I think now our education system is well and growing....
Hi Rajan welcome to IS. What you say is true. Indian Education system is indeed very good, but its very theoritical and less of practical. Thats where other countrys score more on India.
Besides since last year there is a great improvement in the Employment opportunities and Pay scale in India which was not the case when we had to leave India and settle in UAE.
If by chance one has to work abroad, like for eg. my husband is a CA from India, it has less recognition than a CPA from USA or any other western educated degree holder which compels Indians to take up studies with other countries.
Its really good that things have improved in India and people have started thinking atleast on returning back to India and that INCLUDES US too.

Thanks for a nice first post:thumbup(1):

I think this is good. When people from your country travel to other countries for education, the knowledge they gain in the foreign land will help rebuild your country. Even if they don't return, they will build their community in a foreign land. Kamla Harris is Vice President in the US, and Rishi is the PM of the UK

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