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Full Version: Crypto tab bitcoin mining
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Crypto tab is a chromium-based browser enabled with bitcoin mining. It is a free bitcoin mining tool, however, if you want you can also buy hash rates and increase your mining speed. They have also introduced NFT in their browser, however, this is a paid feature. Have you used the crypto tab.
It'a nice to hear and did you really tried? i think it is an extension.

I just did a search in Google and got this looks very interesting, but can you tell me how much it make per day for a dormal PC. I heard for mining we need larger type PC's with graphics card, is it true?

Let me know your experience and ill leave my PC for mining something.
I just did this two days and my earning is less and it takes more than 100 days to make #2 around. Just calculate here and i see how much value for our time.
For a one half day Ive made this 0.000000128595 BTC that is in USD 0.003. This shows it is not a worth for even trying. Hence I would suggest not to join and waste your time unless you upgrade the acount.