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Full Version: Get indexed instantly !!
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If you don't want to wait a few days (or weeks) for the google bots to come to your site and index it... here is a simple way to do it instantly.

Go to and add your url
Go to the google website (

Type in your full url and press search.

When you get to the result screen saying it can't find your website, it will also state something like :Try to click on the link directly (and will provide the link to your site there).

Click on that link and voila!

Your site is indexed by google!
Wait a few minutes then
go back to the google search and search for the same url you searched before and you will see it has been indexed!
Wow it worked Big Grin thank you for this beautifoul tip... i didn`t knew it. thanx
hey its great. i am done
It works.
Just a reminder, I read before if you add your site more than once a month that your site will get banned or something. So just make sure not to get banned or your site wont get listed.
Thanks, Sonny
Ya thats ok.U should add some new stuffs or simply update the page contents before submitting the URL again to thae SE.Otherwise u ll be banned..
i had added two of my sites and got indexed soon
Beautifull and splendid
another one is create a sitemap for your site and submit the sitemap itself (in .xml) in google sitemap your site will get indexed within 3 business days, im not jokings it worked for me.
here's the details:
i have done as it said, i am waiting to get indexed
hey guyz
I didnt add my URL and still my site got listed when i search for complete URL OF my site( expect www. ) how it is done. I never added my site in any search engines.
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