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Full Version: WWW or Non WWW
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Do you type www before the domain name?
Well usually I do not. But it happens always when I do ctrl+enter.

I set up my site url without www all the time.
If you are typing then, waste of time just a sec, but we will get the same website, I too always remove www for my websites.
I always post with the www. before I enter a url into the address bar, it's something I am so used to now that I tend to do it without even realising.
I just type the url name and use the shortcut key to auto enter www. and .com to website. for other domain extension i just put or .net.
I usually type sitename and then dot com or anything that belongs to domain. I am not browsing more sites from more than a year so no typing and just visiting from history.
I'm pretty sure www. is a given these days, by that I mean your browser should just put it in when you hit enter. Which is kind of nice and saves a few seconds.
I am using directly name instead of www, but best thing is we will save our valuable time of few seconds. In these days browsers are come up with suggesting url so we can use very fast.
I've never typed "www" even back in the 1990s for the most part. It's superfluous. Now, many sites will remove the "www" even if you do take the time to type it.
Hi nowadays people are redirecting to the one url so this will avoid duplicate sites in the Google search engine. If you type www or no www the url will return to the structure what the webmaster made.
Redirection is the best method for avoiding duplicate urls.