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What is your favorite NBA basketball team?
mine is Atlanta Hawks even if they`re not so good Sad
man.. i wish cav's would pick it up.. c'mon lebron!!!
Go heats.
They are in playoffs.
1-1 Right now.
I hope they win.
Thanks, Sonny
I really don't have any favorite players, honestly they are all rather good and comes down to mostly luck and good teammates to get the ball to the scoring area.
I too don't have any favorite team or player because we aren't in the field of this game. We love to play only Cricket and apart from this Football became too good for Indians.
I hope someday we had a team for playing Basket ball too, but I don't think it will become top in the future.
Warriors for syre,
My favorite team is definitly warriors because of steph curry... watching him just shoot them 3s like its nothing is crazy.. However i can not watch Basketball on tv unless its the last 2min and the score is really close.
(10-06-2021, 12:56 AM)ItsFait Wrote: [ -> ]Warriors for syre,

What is this? never heard about it. I did a search online, but nothing found, any explanation can be good for us.