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Full Version: How hard is it to make a search engine?
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Aside from the spider or search bot thing, how hard is it to make a search engine? As if comparing it to making a CMS or forum software?

Have any of you ever made a search engine before?
It needs big database and space, bandwidth so it is suitable for large investors. I am not a big webmaster or never thought to own a search engine. We also need to follow the rules for crawling and displaying gata on our search engine.
I think no one tried or thought to make such one since people are busy with Google engine. We had Guruji from long ago, but that was not developed by the owners and halted it in middle.
I imagine there is a lot of coding put into it, mostly just to properly compile and list everything. Not to mention all the security you have to invest to make sure no one hacks it. I like to think its harder than a website/forum but don't know till you try.