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Full Version: New MSN search is cool
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One doesn't need to go to next page, all searched shown in the same page, and other cool features too
our forum is in msn search and if you put indianscoop you get alot results of threads lol
msn always attach forum threads to their search engine now i am looking to get yahoo too
MSN was my fav search engine, but not now after they are disocuraging Google Blogger listings...
Darn my Google adsense earnings have gone down drastically because of this..Sad

i think msn may come back into this most of here in hyderand uses google and msn
msn can eat lots of rss feeds and therefore very fast in crawling your sites.
I heard of a joke where someone said that they typed "google" in Bing or MSN, and they got a message saying, "Why use Google? Use Bing!" :028:
Might be wrong your joke, Things are been changing and I am getting traffic from Bing.