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Full Version: Your Favourite
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Which is your favourite search engine
for me it's google
I find the others lag to much
and i think thah google is the best
google hackers best frnd lol. u know google found password.
google is mentor for me.
I always used to enjoy MSN, but offlate i think MSN has stopped listing Google Blogspot sites because of competitions. As a result all Bloggers who were earning giood income from Adsense through MSN listings are now into soup. Thats includes me tooSad
i always used google and few times used yahoo,altavista,lycos but i seen difference which we cant find some one google can find in lycos or altavista
My fav search engine is google & lycos.
My vote is to google
Google. What else people need beside google. Except youtube xD
I prefer Alta Vista. lol Seriously, I normally use Google. Big Grin
I personally prefer Google to all other search engines. I have on numerous occasions used another search engine however always gone back to Google because I find that they always give me the better results and I can find what I am looking for within the first page.
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