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Your First Phone - monish - 02-27-2020

What was your first phone that you bought in your life and how enjoyed it during that time.

RE: Your First Phone - moneymaker - 03-16-2020

My first cellphone was Celkon which was very cheap compared to the Nokia model and the camera came with 1.5 Pixel. During those days I have enjoyed a lot and made some of good pictures with family using that phone.

RE: Your First Phone - suresh - 03-18-2020

I bought Karbonn mobile which had 2 MP camera and the photos still worked great for me. Even the pixel is too small also I enjoyed till the phone braked into pieces.

RE: Your First Phone - Jason - 01-05-2021

My first phone is N-Gage QD from Nokia, man it was awesome and i loved it. But it came to an end when it broke and stopped working