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CoronaVirus Attack
What is the major thing of Corona Virus and how it is spreading in the world? Where does this virus born? I am viewing news in Twitter daily and now seeing Iran is facing about this Deadly disease.
The Virus born in Wuhan still Chinese hiding the truth how the virus came and spread-ed in the Wuhan city. I saw on Twitter and the don't post more news also I don't use much Twitter.
Now India has 105 cases so far, but still India is bringing people from the effected areas like from Iran. I would suggest the Govt should stop those people including ban on airports. People should not visit our country so we cannot get such virus killer.
As of Date 16 Coronavirus had reached to 106 and 3 of them fully recovered in Jaipur, so it looks like Coronavirus can be easily controlled if people are smart to clean their hands and not ot participate in crowded places.

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