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Firefox Forums
Hi, I'm Beta from the Firefox Forums.

At Firefox Forums we have this great Administrator named FirefoxWiz, known among her friends at the forum as FW.
We talk usually 50% about the great browser Firefox, and 50% other talk.

We have around 100+ members, and 4,000+ posts!

Please, come for a visit, the address is:

Our Forum runs off a great forum software called MyBB, and FirefoxWiz has made her own custom theme! It looks great!

We launched the forum in March 06, so its about 5 months old..
We'd be very happy if anyone would decide to join us over there!

If anyone needs help with the great browser Firefox, please come right over and ask your questions. FirefoxWiz will give you help, and so will the rest of the community!

Big Grin
recently i ahd some problems with firefox on some programs
anyway i will join and take a look your forums its nice to see firfox help forums
Maybe FW will be able to help you!

Thanks, I'm glad you like the forum!! Big Grin

yes i joined the forum will post when required help because presently i am not using firefox
I'm fan of firefox. I ahve use amny browser like IE, avant, crazy but i liked firefox most. I will sure join this forum and get benifit from this forum.

subscribe any of the above site and get 1000 + avatar pics for free.

[Image: client-135579.gif]
[Image: sign-network.gif]
I will:wiggle:
Thanks, everyone! Big Grin
Updated Link in First Post!

Link changed cause we moved servers.
Papa Spot (our Co-Admin) gave us a subdomain off of his hosting!

Check out the forums now!


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