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Forum Name Change - URGENT READ
Dear Friends.

Its been quite some time that Suresh started this Forum Indianscoop. Net with an intention to bring worldwide Indians on a common Platform and by support of all you members and friends we are a family of 60 now growing everyday with leap and bounds. Thanks vevry much to you all for all your help and efforts in bring IS where it is today.

But offlate Suresh has been recieving mails and chats from the owner of an inactive forum titled to surrender this forum to him. Reason being he was the owner of Indianscoop.COM (not Net) and he had to shut down for he was not keeping well and subsequent hospitalization some months back. Another reason being he thinks since Suresh was a moderator in that forum he has cheated him by not taking his permission.

Friends, suddenly a site shuts down without any intimation for more than 2 months and if Suresh reopens the site at his own cost with totally different set of members, whats wrong in that? Over and above its started with a .NET address and not .Com address so whats wrong. Tomorrow someone else may start with .Org or .ws. You cannot demand control of those sites just because the domain name is same.

Core issue being, Now he wants to start again but does not intend to work on it and wants to takeover this forum from Suresh. From what we could gather, this gentlemen is trying to gain all sympathys from senior and respected members at various other forums to pressurize Suresh to hand over this forum to him or to merge with Indianscoop.Com once it starts again. These senior members supporting that gentleman cannot be blamed as they are not aware about the true facts.

On first instance this fraud man calls Suresh as a total useless member Who does not know how to communicate with members and on other hand he appoints the same Suresh as a Moderator. As if thats not enough he now offers Suresh a partnership if he surrenders him this forum

There are even threats issued like if Suresh does not accept the partnership or does not surrender the forum the gentlemens supporters will log in this forum and send private messages to each and every members and tell them that Suresh is a fraud.

The said gentlemen also chats with Suresh on a friendly tone and then goes ahead posting the full conversation in various forums which is not fair but a very cunning attitude. Suresh in his chat has made very clear to the gentlemen that he will surrender the domain and the forum only after he consults all his friends at his forum, that is only after consulting all you members and thats what this post is for.

Please post your replies below as it will decide his course of action. Suresh as an Admin needs your help and hope you will not mind standing next to him as his physical and mental support.


I know abt this and I even talked to that guy. He is immature guy and I try to make him understand that suresh hasnt done anything wrong and then he started fightng with me lol. that show he is just a insane. I told suresh not to give and we all r with him. anyway just change the forum name and keep domain with u only.

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I had decided on the first day of opening this forum to learn him a lesson so thats why i had opened on this name
So I am not changing domain name and i am going to upgrade new version and I also pay money those who posted since joining

Have fun
atlast u choose to fight with him. good

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LOL he looks just like a kid to me and he doesnt have nay skills on maintaning forums and designing etc
his forum was made by paidresponse group

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