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Indian Scoop Forum Rules
The Rules

Members who do not follow the rules will be given warnings and/or will be banned from this forum. The moderators of this forum have full authority to ban any member for any violations of the following rules.

1. Spamming is strictly prohibited. Any member found to be spamming other members within this forum will be permantly banned. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. There should not be any promotion or referral links in the message body of any forum post. Keep your referral links within your signature only or in Advertising forums.

3. Moderators will have authority to ban anyone for not following the forum rules.

4. Promotion of cheating, porn, racism, discrimination or illegal activities in any form will not be tolerated.

5. You cannot create more than one account. Anyone with more than one account will be banned.

6. Personal attacks against others are prohibited. Nothing here is that important that would require anyone to make a personal attack against or threaten another member.

7. The cross posting of quotes from other forums is strongly discouraged. Instead, if you must, link to the post on the other forum to allow readers to see the entire topic not just the piece you wish to use.

8. The open discussion areas of this forum should not be used as a money exchange and/or a place to garner donations no matter how worthy the cause. We have no knowledge as to the legitimacy of the 'charities' or those arranging for the exchange and will take no responsibility if you lose money by becoming involved in such transactions. Participate at your own risk.

The moderators:

The moderators are here to help you. Should you feel you are being harassed or attacked in any manner, do not be afraid to contact any of the moderators but please include specific information. If you receive private messages that you deem inappropriate, forward the entire PM to any moderator.

If a moderator issues a warning and asks you to stop doing what you are doing, STOP what you are doing.

These rules may be modified periodically.

Indian Scoop takes absolutely no responsibility in posts made by members of this forum. It is entirely the member that is posting that takes full responsibility for those posts. Indian Scoop has no affiliation with any other program(s), company, entity or business, online or offline for which it can be held liable.

please follow the above rules and dont send private messages to someone as spam messages
hope all will be fine and if you any problem or need anything you can send private message to me

Hi guys and Girls, finally i am back to my favorite Thanks very much for all your help and support for bringing this forum to where it is today. All cheers to all you gentlemen and ladies, the owner of this forum Suresh and last but not the least Rakesh who has done a brilliant job moderating around along with Suresh.

Was absconding for more than 6 months other than a couple of visits in between due to some urgent family commitments which demanded my complete undivided attention but now i am back again to share this forum along with you all.

Have just noticed that members post their advertisements in more than one setion which is not acceptable. Please please post your threads in any one forum section that most suits your advertisements. Please do not mind if we have to delete this multiple advertisements. Also please do not make it very obvious that your only reason for joining on is just and just advertisement. There are various other sections other than advertisement where we need your posts and comments

Thanks for your understanding in advance.


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