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tourism has had a percolating effect on the local communities living in and around the backwaters. The tourism lobby has helped the local bodies and also the state government to earn significant amount of money through foreign exchange. Scores of resorts of all types have mushroomed at strategic points around the backwaters. More resorts and hotels with world class amenities are awaiting the government nod to start their business.

All said and done, backwater tourism always generates a number of social or ‘intangible benefits’. It leads to a fundamental revolution in the educational, cultural and political spheres of the local societies. In short human values get a makeover. It brings about an international globalized outlook for the local populace. Also a better understanding into the customs and ways of life of people in foreign lands can be gained.

Travel widens the knowledgebase and reduces the tensions for a frequent traveler. This very much applies to all the tourist regions in India which possesses a Kaleidoscope of natural beauty, the remnants of ancient civilizations, social institutions, cultural diversities, religious traditions, historical monuments, fabulous temples, mosques, churches, festivals, classical music forms, dances, art forms and literature in more than 25 native languages.

Indeed, the intra-regional and inter-regional movement of people is the main factor which has kept India together in the past and will help in shaping it into a fully integrated nation in the future. India is a nation with a cultural and religious diversity that is the envy of nations in other parts of the world. The most interesting fact about this country is that you can witness an unparalleled ‘unity in diversity’ in all parts of the country. People respect one another irrespective of his culture or language. In Kerala the emergence of new tourism models is also due to the support that it has got from prominent people living in different parts of the country. For example, the backwater tourism potential of the state got a boost when the former Prime Minister of India chose to undertake a holiday in the backwaters.
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