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Spelling and Grammer

My suggestion is with regard to spelling and grammar on the home page.

"It would be nice if YOU introduce your self so that other members can know about you.."

Should be "yourself" and instead of "members can know about you", maybe "members can get to know you"?

"Share your knowledge on the serch engines and how they are help ful tsearch for your needs"

-Search, not serch
-Helpful, not help ful,
- And the weird T before search

"Have feeling something bad or happy against our sportsmen and woman then please share here"

Maybe just "Post about sports here"- the above doesn't make sense Smile

"Educatioin is the important for every human being.Discuss about education or want to know anything then post in this forum"

Remove "the" and instead of human being, person.

"share the news such as politics,regional news which is happening around your area"

- Instead of which, should be "that"
- Instead of around, it should be "in"

And capitals in all the forum descriptions would be nice....

That should help to make the forum more professional, so it will gain and retain it's members.

Thanks Very Much

Thanks for the suggestions, I always want to remove the YOU word, but never did it. Remaining I never looked and thought to make it when forum grows. Due to some reasons I locked the forum so no one post here.
Thanks for the corrections I will sure update them also have to look some more things. Another thing your post count shows only 2.
Edit: Fixed as the posts were in moderation Que. I will move your account into regular members.
Thanks a lot Big Grin
The forum looks much better now Smile
Thanks for your input! still there are more mistakes which needs to be correct. I will do in this week.

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