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Too much spammers
I have found that this community got impacted towards junk crawlers, I will work this week to eliminate all of those junk hyperlinks from signatures and profile links. These links are only given to contributed members, but this spam bots have been making fun here and wasting my time..:wallbash:

Registrations will be closed from now onwards, If any one need an account please ask me to my email endlasuresh at gmail dot com. I would be happy to create an account for you, Please understand the situation as I cant spend all the time to remove this spam.

An update:
So far half of the site got cleaned and still I am cleaning the site from bad links.

Unless more people start replying, I'm afraid I'll have to end our exchange. I see no point in posting daily if only you are replying...
Most of the members here been inactive, however I am trying to get some active members. Please be patience and we can continue after April 1.

I am now here to do all the things what I haven't did in the past 6 years. Ive been struggled several times and was lazy too to develop this forum.

You don't know how to add a "question and answer" captcha to your registration routine? It is very effective against spam bots...
Added captcha, but the spam bots are breaking and custom question, hope the bots will stop.
Do you have hard, non-standard questions and answers?

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