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Twelve Ways To Promote On StumbleUpon
Twelve Ways To Promote On StumbleUpon
by: William R. Nabaza of

Of course anyone on internet knows Stumble Upon, it's a PR8, and has like 3.9M membership (at time of writing) For those who don't know, StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more. Discover your web with StumbleUpon. ( )

The tips mentioned below are taking the advantage of StumbleUpon Toolbar for Mozilla: Version 3.16. I usually interchange stumble with discover and uses su to mean stumbleupon.

What are the twelve ways or twelve places in that you can promote for free without spamming? They are the following:

1. Bookmarks - You can discover (stumble) as many sites as you want by downloading the toolbar, just go to from time to time include your domains as well.

2. Groups - If you are a sponsor or an upgraded member ( ) you can create groups that will give credit to you as founder, it has also a separate add site that you can add your sites to.

3. Your SU (stumbleupon) Profile - the web address is usually where you can put a little html to put in your site and a little image to go with it.

4. Blogs - You can blog about everything that's legal why not blog about your site, it also can contain html codes. Just click on Post to blog to start an entry.

5. Send To Friends - in your su toolbar you can find "Send to" and you can send to your friends any url you wish to send, you can also include a small comment/note and they can stumble it for you and have their friends stumble it as well thus creating a massive amount of free promotion for your site.

6. Inbox - To those who you know as su contact, you can send in messages promoting a url or a site you've just discovered.

7. Sponsorship - Since you're benefiting from countless free promotions why not pay your way in by upgrading as a sponsor thus helping out the owners/teams. This is only U.S.$20 for one year and in return you get recognized as a good stumbler in your area of expertise and they acknowledge you by giving you sponsor status. More details found on

8. Gain more friends - By now you know that the number of friends you have can influence the type of promotion you need. Right now there's a maximum of 200 friends that you can add, and make it count to invite or add only those people you really know. This can be that word-of-mouth tool that you will need right in your toolbar.

9. Gain reviews - Get your friend's opinions by asking a review from them, in turn you get to review them, increases your reputation all over 3.9M membership of

10. Get stumbled (discovered) - Tell your friends to stumble your favorites as well, chances are it's purely automatic if they like what they see, they have already stumbled it without you telling them.

11. Stumble (Discover) as many quality sites as you can. It's more like give and take, the more you give of your time to stumble and review sites, the more eyeballs returned to you because your avatar/profile/favorites displays on sites you have discovered and reviewed.

12. Help out in Group's forums. Join the groups that interests you and you think you can contribute, and help them on the forums. If you are a sponsor like me, then it's time to create that group you love the most with you as the founder.

William Nabaza of specializes in domains, webhosting, webmaster's tools, netpreneur's articles and resources. Stands out as a freebie provider, business opportunity provider and the like. Visit his su @ or contact him directly at . Get Your U.S.$5.00 Domains only @ and start stumbling.
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Thank you for your tips. I opened the sites. Very good informations are there. Thanks a lot.
one more ways to promote in Su by stumbleupon exchange whcih u can find in many forums.

subscribe any of the above site and get 1000 + avatar pics for free.

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123rak Wrote:one more ways to promote in Su by stumbleupon exchange whcih u can find in many forums.

their are many ways to promote but all doesnt work at a time

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