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Get Paid $6.00 Per Referral That Signs Up For Free!
Wealth Wars members get $6.00 USD referral commission for you to send new members to Wealth Wars. You will get the cash instantly into your Wealth Wars accounts to spend on upgrades or cash out by check or PayPal. Log in now and visit your referral center to start raking in the cash! Wealth Wars pays on time every single month. Visit our chat forum to talk to other members and our testimonials forum to see what others are winning!

Get ready to fight, cheat, and steal from the rest of the world! Thousands of Wealth Wars members log in every day to defend their base camps from mercenaries and alliances ready to take their hard stolen cash.

Gain strength through experience and become unstoppable by forming alliances with your friends. Friends don't stay friends for long as deception is part of the game play. So choose your friends wisely and beware, because even the strongest alliances can hold spies and snitches just looking for some free cash.
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