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southafirca tour - suresh - 11-23-2006

india losted second one day international and score very good 91 and clean bowled are more
let have to watch next games

southafirca tour - shinethestar - 12-04-2006

At last the great Ganguly entered into Into team

southafirca tour - 123rak - 12-04-2006

for ganguly its


lets see wht he can do for indian team.

southafirca tour - suresh - 12-05-2006

he can bat and to make runs that is his job but keeping him out of the cricket that is very bad
rahul dravid captaincy is a foolish captaincy

I also seen a guy in anothe forum he made his username rahuldravidloveyou
LOL why he loves when he needed money by doing captaincy