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Adsense Monetization - suresh - 11-17-2019

One of the oldest program, that made me good amount in the past, but currently nothing makes as the ads are not relevant to the niche. There are more publishers, but all are converting to Affilitate programs because of this pennies won't fill their stomach.
How many of you joined and how much you are making money with it?

RE: Adsense Monetization - monish - 02-11-2020

I am very new to this Adsense and don't have any plans in making money from them, but I will monetize this forums. There are no alternatives to Adsense and still not yet born except sponsored ads.
Do you think this forum can make any money from Indian traffic?

RE: Adsense Monetization - shawn - 02-12-2020

I use adsense on my videos. However, I film mainly on public lands managed by the federal government. Therefore I cannot legally monetize with adsense without purchasing permits.

The permits will put me in debt before adsense gave me any profit.

So I make very little from adsense. It stinks because I'd probably earn a few hundred a month if I had ads enabled but its not worth the risk of getting sued as well as ruining an established relationship.

RE: Adsense Monetization - monish - 02-12-2020

You looks pretty good for making money and I have heard that adsense required 1000 subscribers with 3000 hours watch for a YouTube channel approval.
This is bad for small publishers who might new to monetization.
Shawn how much time it takes to make a video and do you use any software for making videos?

RE: Adsense Monetization - ItsFait - 10-01-2021

Adsense rejected my site for some reason.

RE: Adsense Monetization - monish - 10-04-2021

(10-01-2021, 10:40 AM)ItsFait Wrote: Adsense rejected my site for some reason.

In these days they are very strict due to more publishers, but build a good site and re apply. Their is no problem in approval if you had a great site.

RE: Adsense Monetization - moneymaker - 05-14-2022

You will be probably in lawsuit and I don't know which country you belong, but just don't publish videos on such type. I am too afraid on these type of videos as we will get a file in the police station.

Why not making another channel that can bring you devent money within short time.