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Desktop vs. laptop vs. tablet - JennyorAlice - 01-21-2020

Here, you can discuss which you think is better and which one you prefer to use. 

My hubby and I have all three here in our house.  We have a desktop that my hubby built himself.  My hubby and I each have our own laptops.  I use my laptop more than I do the desktop.  With my laptop, I can use it anywhere in the isn't stationary like the desktop is.  Plus, I can take my laptop with me on vacation.  My hubby has a tablet but I don't.  I just have an e-reader.  I have several books on it that I can read when my hubby and I travel.

RE: Desktop vs. laptop vs. tablet - suresh - 02-03-2020

It's nice to hear, but presently I had only a laptop  and Android.  Earlier I had three, but desktop became old so given to some kids for playing etc. Currently I am looking to get a Desktop because I can compute more hours than a Laptop.

RE: Desktop vs. laptop vs. tablet - monish - 02-09-2020

Hi jenny
You had three devices, but I have two , one is android and the other is Desktop. I love only Desktop for browsing internet and doing program most time. I love to make money online and this is my passionate thing in this world.

RE: Desktop vs. laptop vs. tablet - shawn - 02-12-2020

I have a desktop and a laptop.

I use my iPhone more than anything to be transparent about it though. I never believed mobile would take off like it did. I sure proved my own self wrong lol.

But I go to admit this, I still LOVE my desktop. I like that big screen.

I bought a very nice and expensive 4K laptop primarily for video editing only and for the past years, that is all that I've used it for. Acts like it runs like a brand new machine.

My desktop is about 10 years old and it still runs very well and is fast.